Vision Solutions

Vision Solutions Inc focuses on Behavioural Optometry Practice. We focus on Visually Related Learning Problems, ADHD, Binocular Vision Anomalies (eye teaming and eye coordination problems) Vision Therapy. Neuro Optometry (concussions vertigo and TBI), Sports Vision, Specialized Contact Lens Fitting in addition to Primary Care Optometry.

Contact Us

  • Shop 14 Kingfisher Shopping Centre
  • Four ways
  • +2711-7051619
  • djbhoolaoptometrist@yahoo.co.za

About Us

The Behavioural Optometrist trained in Canada and the US (University of Waterloo, and John Hopkins Eye Institute) and completes his continuing education with the American Academy of Optometry. COVD (College of Optometrists in Vision Development) and NORA (Neuro Optometric Rehabilitation Association)


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